Indigo Napkins | Hand Dyed Cotton (set of 4)

Indigo Napkins | Hand Dyed Cotton (set of 4)

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There isn't anything quite like cloth napkins to make a meal feel special. Whether you're serving grilled cheese or salmon-- these napkins will up the ante.

Method: These cotton napkins are hand dyed in natural indigo with a modern shibori method-- folding the fabric and clamping/binding them with various items and then dipping it to create these patterns. Napkins come in a set of 4.

Note that variations in the patterns will occur as each napkin is individually made.

Kaleidoscope in lightweight cotton 16x16 (pic 1)
Kaleidoscope Light in heavyweight cotton 20x18 (pic 2)
Ancient Patches in heavyweight cotton 20x18 (pic 3)

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