Indigo Throw Pillow Cover | Hand Dyed Vintage Textile

Indigo Throw Pillow Cover | Hand Dyed Vintage Textile

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Pile these on your favorite couch or bed for optimal coziness. Keep in mind that since these are made with vintage textiles and my indigo dyed woven cotton scraps-- no two pillow covers are exactly the same (= win for you getting original goodness that you should snatch up while it's here).

Method: Woven Cotton shibori scraps sewn with vintage and repurposed textiles in combo with sherpa, bright white woven cottons (last photo) and creamy canvas (2nd to last photo).

cover patterns:
Cloudy Angle (creamy canvas back) (pic 2 + 3) 
Sea Stripe (creamy canvas back) (pic 4)
Indigo Rorschach (creamy canvas back) (pic 5)
Starry Woven (woven white back) (pic 6)
Lightning Strike/Sherpa (woven white back) (pic 7)
Cube Melt (woven white back) (pic 8)

Material: 100% cotton

Measurements: 18 inches by 18 inches (a 20 x 20 pillow insert fits great inside)

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