Indigo Throw Pillow Cover | Hand Dyed Raw Silk

Indigo Throw Pillow Cover | Hand Dyed Raw Silk


The Botanical Series!

These patterns are based on what I thought was a wild fern that grows right beside my outside dye area. After further inspection my best guess is this plant is a Sensitive Plant/Sensitive Briar or Little Leaf Mimosa Plant. Sensitive Plant pillows for my sensitive pals— I hope you love this first of the Botanical Series as much as I loved making them!

Pile these on your favorite couch or bed for optimal coziness.

Method: The loveliest raw silk with the Little Leaf Mimosa pattern created with a resist method using my custom stencil and rice paste. Pillow backs are repurposed textiles in combo with sherpa, bright white and creamy woven cottons.

cover patterns:
Double Little Leaf Mimosa Lightest (pic 2)
Single Little Leaf Mimosa (pic 3)
Double Little Leaf Mimosa Dark/Medium (pic 4) 

Material: 100% silk cover and vintage cotton blanket backs

Measurements: 14 inches by 23 inches (a 16 x 26 pillow insert fits great inside)

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