Indigo Woven Tote Bag | Hand Dyed Cotton

Indigo Woven Tote Bag | Hand Dyed Cotton


Ohhhh— you’re going to love these bags. Made from a heavyweight woven cotton with an interior pocket and leather straps — these are a perfect everyday tote! I”m not sure of the tiny fringe or the woven fiber itself is my favorite but they are top notch!

Method: Indigo dipped 100% cotton, patterns created with a modern shibori resist method using string, clamps, wooden blocks and more.

Available patterns:
Cube Melt (pics 1 - 4)
Ancient Patches (pics 5 - 9)
Marble Stripe (pics 6 - 10)

Material: 100% cotton canvas — durable and made for regular use

Measurements: approx 15”w x 11.5”h x 7”d with a 7” x 6” interior pocket

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