Indigo Totem Banners

Indigo Totem Banners


Modern totems for your home. 

Method: Indigo dipped 100% cotton canvas, patterns created with a resist method using my custom stencil and a rice paste. Each banner is finished with a birch dowel and suede cord-- ready to hang. All measurements are just the canvas -- add a few inches for the hanger, depending on how you want it to hang.

Totem patterns:
Little Mountain Sea Break  13.5" x 21" (pic 1) 
Horizon Daybreak Attraction 14" x 23" (pic 2)
Attraction + Kinship 10" x 22.5" (pic 3)
Sea + Moon Angle 13" x 19.5" (pic 4)
Port Kinship 10" x 24" (pic 5 and 6)

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