Indigo Pup Scarf | Hand Dyed Woven Cotton

Indigo Pup Scarf | Hand Dyed Woven Cotton

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Pup Scarves! Cause their little necks need to stay warm too. And they're cute. These are woven cotton leftovers from when I make the Neckerchiefs meaning: 1) They are extra soft... 2) They have at least one raw edge so they will naturally fringe over time... 3) You can get a neckerchief for yourself and match! Ha.

Method: the patterns were created with a modern shibori resist technique and then dipped in natural indigo

Material: 100% cotton. These are readymade and will ship in 2-3 days.

Choose from “Big” or “Little” and then “Light Tones” (mostly creamy white tones) or “Dark Tones” (mostly indigo tones).

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