Indigo Neckerchief | Hand Dyed Silk

Indigo Neckerchief | Hand Dyed Silk


The Botanical Series!

This is the first of a new series launching with patterns based on what I thought was a wild fern that grows right beside my outside dye area. After further inspection my best guess is this plant is a Sensitive Plant/Sensitive Briar or Little Leaf Mimosa Plant. A Sensitive Plant scarf for my sensitive pals— I hope you love this first of the Botanical Series as much as I loved making them!

This style is the perfect addition to complete any look with denim or other neutral tones. Tie it around your neck, hair or even your bag to slip on later. These are readymade and will ship in 2-3 days, they come with a wooden scarf slide but looks great tied in a knot as well.

Method: the pattern of this crepe de chine silks were created with 2 methods: a modern shibori and my custom stencils and a rice paste resist.

Material: 100% silk

Measurements: 24 inches x 24 inches

Select from several pattern options:
Little Leaf Mimosa Light (second from right pic 1 + far left pic 3)
Little Leaf Mimosa Dark (far right pic 1, pic 2 and 3 + right pic 4)
Sensitive Briar Leaf Light (far left pic 1 + second from right pic 3)
Sensitive Briar Leaf Dark (second from the left pic 1 and 3 + left pic 4)
Cube Melt (photo 5)
Half Moon (photo 6)
Sea Port (photo 7)

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